Like the she-demon who was cast out because she refused to submit to the expectation to be a quiet little dutiful wife and bear children, Lilith grew up in a religious and cultural environment which expected her contribution to the world would center around marriage and giving birth (not necessarily in that order and graduation from high school was not considered mandatory prior to those “life goals”). Now in her mid-thirties, she is still unmarried and without children (though her adult cat is a beloved little monster).


“B” is for Balthazar. “B” is also for baby, of which you will find none anywhere near Balthazar if he can help it. At 45 years-old, he has a veritable lifetime of being harassed for his child-free orientation. Having exercised caution throughout his entire adult life to stay child-free, he considers himself fortunate to have found a life partner who made the same choice prior to meeting (with the exception of the cat, who is really his).