16 Nov / 2018

Ep. 4: Vasectomies and Stuff

Childfree Loudmouths’ co-hosts, Lilith & Balthazar, are back! We’re sharing more listener e-mails (moderately edited for clarity and length), one of which includes a listener-submitted parent-couple which was chosen as our Asshole(s) of the Week for their bullying behavior! After dissecting the e-mails for more reasons which might fit into Balt’s previous theory that the reasons for breeding come down to two motivations, we get personal. Balt shares some of his reproductive history, his experience with getting a vasectomy and he addresses many of the myths and misconceptions about the procedure.


If you’re interested in the podcast Balt referenced in this episode, you can find it through We Hate Movies or go to the episode directly here. Meanwhile, we’re still playing “Stump the Balthazar” and taking submissions for reasons breeders may have children which wouldn’t fall under the headings of insecurity and/or vanity. Can you think of one? We’re also, as always, taking your submissions of personal stories to share with other loudmouth listeners!


Listen to this Childfree Loudmouths Podcast episode through one of your favorite podcast services (iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn and more) and come back again in two weeks for the next installment! In the meantime, Loudmouths, be loud & be proud (and if you want merch, see our store)!


Childfree Loudmouths Podcast

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