19 Aug / 2018

We’re Childfree, Loud & Proud!

Welcome to the Childfree Loudmouths Podcast! Lilith and Balthazar are here to provide you with a safe haven filled with humor, sanity and a total irreverence for the parenting-cult our society supports. Let’s be honest- our culture caters to the “Mommy Bosses,” “Helicopter Parents,” and self-entitled “Breeders” who put less thought, planning and effort into reproducing and raising a child than they do into purchasing a new car and passing a licensing exam.


We’re fed up with the rest of society telling us that we’re living our lives wrong in a culture which excessively glamorizes children and parenthood and hate being subjected to the poor parenting skills of those who are actively raising the next generation of people who probably should not be breeding. So this podcast is for you if you are:

  • happily child-free yourself
  • a parent who just can’t stand other people’s crotch goblins
  • or on the fence about choosing the child-free lifestyle!


We will use naughty language and will definitely delve into adult topics because this is by adults for those who are adult-enough to consciously and critically choose whether or not to have semen demons. Stay tuned for rants, off-color humor and incredulity. We’ll share news articles highlighting the worst people who, despite their obvious incompetence, decided that breeding was a good idea and interview other loudmouths (if that’s you, drop us a line)!


If you get butt-hurt by the content of our posts and podcast, please send your hate mail and comments so that you can be publicly mocked. But, if your feelings were hurt, we suggest looking in the mirror first- we appreciate those out there who are great parents raising great kids, but if the shoe fits, go ahead and lace that bastard up!

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